Short changed

A 12-year old girl was short-changed by £5 on a bus in the north of Scotland. The driver disputed this and the company’s customer services refused to take any action. BUS contacted the company’s Managing Director who apologised personally to the girl’s mother and followed the matter up with the driver, the customer services representative, and the local Manager. The woman and her daughter received a refund, gift vouchers, and flowers and were very happy with the outcome.

Disabled passenger unhappy with driver’s attitude

A disabled passenger was unhappy with a driver’s attitude towards her, but her complaint to the bus company received no response. After our intervention, the Managing Director of the bus company phoned the passenger and she was very happy with the outcome.

Dispute over muddy wellies

A young girl wearing wellies tried to get on the bus: and the driver told her she couldn’t wear wellies on the bus. She had to travel in bare feet. It turns out that people travelling on the bus wearing muddy wellies had caused other people to complain, and the driver applied an instruction in an inappropriate way. The company ensured the driver understood in future, apologised to the passenger and gave her a week’s free travel. The overall policy has also been clarified.