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   edition 7 | 2017

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Breaking the spirit of community transport

Despite having to plug ever-widening gaps in local bus services, many community transport operators are falling foul of EU regulations. But rather than penalising them for running successful routes, Claire Walters wants to see greater support and cooperation for these lifeline services.  Read more

Urban transit racer Adham Fisher is taking on London’s buses – and he’s winning.  Read more

Queen Street comeback

Bus users have welcomed the decision to allow buses back on Oxford’s Queen Street following intervention by the Department for Transport.   Read more

Right to life

Staff from Bus Users England joined an inspiring workshop in York recently, focusing on the challenges facing people with dementia when it comes to getting out and about.  Read more

Less is more

With pollution in the UK responsible for 40,000 early deaths each year, a top Government advisor believes the answer is fewer cars, not cleaner cars. Read more

From cuts to riches

Lancashire is to get £1million of funding to boost existing services and restore routes that had previously been cut.   
Read more

On the move

Bus Users Scotland is contributing to a number of major consultations in the country including the Transport Bill and Scottish Concession Card. We'll keep you updated on progress.
Transport Bill for Scotland
Scottish Concession Card

Youth appeal

The Welsh Government is launching a consultation to explore how to encourage 16-24 year olds to make better use of the bus.  Read more 

Cardiff City fan

Bus Users has been talking to Cynthia Ogbonna, the first female MD of municipal bus company, Cardiff Bus.  Read more

Bus use down

The latest quarterly figures on bus use have been released by the DfT and show a fall in passenger numbers across England, Wales and Scotland. Read more

MPs not on board

Exception to the rule - MP for Nottingham South Lilian Greenwood

According to the Nottingham Post, despite claiming nearly £1m for car travel and £1.4m for trains, MPs claimed less than £2,000 (0.1%) of their total travel expenses on buses.  Read more

Funding boost for Wales

The Welsh Government is investing £2.8million to improve reliability and reduce journey times for buses in Wales.   Read more

First rate customer care

A First Bus driver in Leeds stopped to help a distressed schoolgirl who’d missed the bus for her first day at school. The warm-hearted driver apologised to passengers before arranging and paying for a taxi so she could get there on time.  Read more

Walk the walk

A bus company is taking diversity training to a whole new level with a special high-tech ‘age’ suit to help staff experience, first-hand, what it’s like for an older person to use the bus.  Read more

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