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edition 15 | 2019

Bus slump continues
Bus journeys in England have continued to fall according to the latest figures from the DfT. By year end March 2018, they were down to 4.36 billion, a fall of 1.9% (85 million) on the previous year. Outside London, journeys fell by 3.2% while London saw a fall of 0.7%
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Bus routes at risk

The Local Government Association has reported that nearly half of all bus routes are at risk of being cut as the funding gap for free bus passes grows to £652 million
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Buses are the answer

In ‘Buses are the answer – but we need to prove it’, Giles Fearnley, Managing Director of First Bus, FirstGroup plc, discussed the need for a national bus strategy and putting customers at the heart of decision-making an article published in Transport Times   Read more

Give the bus a chance

Stepping down from her post after 15 years as Scotland’s Traffic Commissioner, Joan Aitken leaves with a plea to policy-makers: give buses greater priority over other vehicles in traffic-clogged cities  Read more

Dr Simon P Norton

Mathematical genius and longstanding campaigner for bus excellence and sustainable transport, Dr Simon P Norton, has died just days from his 67 birthday. Bus Users UK is not the only organisation to have benefited from his vast knowledge and huge expertise and he will be truly missed   Read more

Sustainable development

Claire Walters joined The Transport Knowledge Hub for the launch of new research commissioned by Greener Journeys: ‘Integrating the Planning and Delivery of Sustainable Transport with New Housing Development’   Read more

Time to talk

As part of Time to Talk Day, 7 February 2019, TAS has looked at some of the initiatives taken to make life easier for staff and passengers with mental health issues  Read more

Access all areas

In her latest article for Coach and Bus Week Magazine, Claire Walters looks at Passenger Rights legislation and what operators need to do to get their house in order   Read more

Friends of the 65

When Monmouthshire County Council announced plans to cut the number 65 bus connecting Chepstow, Monmouth and villages along the Wye Valley High Road, a regular passenger on the route launched a successful, high-profile campaign to save the service   Read more

Planning to succeed

With all the talk of needing a national bus strategy, now seems a good time to remind people of this useful summary by the Campaign for Better Transport. It outlines the options available to Transport Planners as a result of the Bus Services Act 2017. As long as any plan is built around the needs of people and communities, these options could significantly improve the services on offer to many   Read more

Young, free and on board

In the first initiative of its kind, 16-18 year olds in Greater Manchester are to get free bus travel. It’s hoped the move will encourage greater bus use among the young and halt the decline in bus use  Read more

Missing the bus

Greener Journeys has described the Government’s recent Clean Air Strategy as a ‘missed opportunity to get people out of their cars and to support more efficient, reliable public transport’   Read more

Environmentally speaking

With official figures pointing to transport as the largest source of climate pollution in the UK, Friends of the Earth is calling for free bus travel, initially for the under 30s but eventually for everyone   Read more

Fare's fair

Following recent media coverage of the rise in bus fares, Claire Walters, Chief Executive of Bus Users UK, applies a little perspective to the issue   Read more

Rural transport in crisis

A recently released report from Campaign for Better Transport shows a crisis in rural public transport following cuts to services, shrinking transport networks and growing congestion, resulting in a rise in social isolation among communities
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First to sell Queens Road

As FirstGroup announces plans to sell its Queens Road bus operation at Cheetham Hill to the Go-Ahead Group, we welcome the assurance that nothing will change during the transition period and look forward to working constructively in Manchester, as we do elsewhere with the Go Ahead Group   Read more

UK Bus Summit 2019

At this year’s UK Bus Summit, Nusrat Ghani MP launched a new initiative to explore how buses can be used to tackle loneliness  Read more

Chatty bus

Bus Users UK teamed up with Thames Travel for the launch of its new ‘Chatty Bus’. The scheme is one of a number of recent initiatives to combat loneliness by starting on-board conversations with any passenger who fancies a chat    Read more

Better safe than sorry

Whatever your views on driverless, autonomous vehicles, Steve Gooding, Director of the RAC Foundation, says he has yet to be persuaded, in an article for Transport Times   Read more

Getting onboard

In response to a number of recent enquiries about taking mobility scooters onto buses, we’ve uploaded CPT’s voluntary code for bus companies  Download the code

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