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edition 16 | 2019

Keeping passengers satisfied

Nearly 9 in 10 of us were satisfied with our last bus journey according to the latest Bus Passenger Survey from Transport Focus. Of the 50,000 people who took part, 88% of those in England reported being happy with their journey and in Scotland the figure was even higher at 91%.  Read more

Benefits of age

It’s official - older adults with concessionary bus passes have a better quality of life, greater life satisfaction, and fewer depressive symptoms than their peers who don't have free bus travel, according to research from University College London.
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Getting youth on board

Barclay Davies and Nesta Jones from Bus Users in Wales, joined Ken Skates, Minister for Economy, Skills and Transport to launch the enhanced MyTravelPass scheme for 16 to 21 year olds.   Read more

Fuelling fare rises

News reports of a recent study into the rise in bus fares failed to address the issues driving these increases, according to Ben Colson, Chair of Bus Users UK.
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Tweet of the week

Katie Allister posted a comment on Twitter made by her 10 year old as they sat in traffic on a bus in Cardiff: “I wish I had a tannoy to tell all these cars that if they’d got the bus too we wouldn’t all be sat here like snails.”

Bikes on a bus

Border Buses has launched Scotland’s first bike-friendly buses on routes between Edinburgh and Peebles. The bikes are carried inside the bus to meet the growing call for ‘active travel’.   Read more

Taking the lead

Hats off to MegaBus who have changed their policy to allow all assistance dogs onto their vehicles. The move was recommended by Bus Users UK following a complaint from a passenger.

Mobility not an issue

Congratulations to Stagecoach East Scotland, awarded Gold in the UK Coach Awards’ Innovation category for the Plaxton Panther LE, designed in consultation with Bus Users UK. The design focuses on wheelchair users and those with mobility issues.   Read more

Access denied

Bus Users UK is calling on operators to communicate more effectively with passengers and drivers over changes to services.   Read more

Teen travel issues

According to a study from Transport Focus, teenagers are put off using the bus by having ‘randomers’ sit next to them when other seats are free, grumpy drivers, dirty seats and unreliable services. On the plus side, 14-19 year olds who regularly use the bus see it as a good, cheap way to get about.   Read more

Open access

With many operators still unaware of the latest changes to the Passenger Rights legislation, Claire Walters argues now is the time to act on accessibility, in her latest column for Coach and Bus Week.
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