UK Bus Summit 2018

In recognition of the major role buses play in reducing pollution, this year’s Transport Times UK Bus Summit focused on why buses are an integral part of the solution to Clean Air Zones

Greener Journeys Chief Executive, Claire Haigh, described air quality as a ‘public health emergency’ and welcomed the announcement by Transport Minister Nusrat Ghani of £40m funding from Government to put more low emission buses on the roads. In the opening session of the Bus Summit, Claire Haigh pointed to the 41% of dangerous emissions that come from private cars compared to just 6% from older, diesel buses, with buses having the added advantage of carrying multiple passengers.

Speaking from the event, Bus Users’ Chief Executive Claire Walters welcomed the ‘strong focus’ of this year’s Bus Summit on the role of the bus in cleaning up our air: “Bus and coach design is leading the way in developing a clean and sustainable way for people to access our towns and cities. Moves in places like Newcastle and London to ban buses from key central locations is completely unnecessary considering the contribution buses already make to reducing congestion and pollution.”

You can find out more about this year’s Bus Summit at Transport Times

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