Putting passengers first

It has been disclosed that Cheshire East Council, who are proposing to scrap free school buses on a number of ‘unsafe’ walking routes in the area, currently spends more than £23,000 each year on the Mayor’s official Bentley (Crewe Chronicle 16 Nov 2016). While Cllr Damian Bailey has joined the cross-party call for the plans to be dropped, it looks like even more cash-strapped councils will be required to finance the post of elected Mayor over other spending priorities.

At a recent meeting at the DfT, Claire Walters, Chief Executive of Bus Users was told that amendments to the Buses Bill that would remove the requirement for an elected Mayor, and which had been passed by the House of Lords, is likely to be reinstated by Government. Claire said: “The significant costs involved in setting up an elected Mayor would be far better spent on increasing the complement of skilled transport planning teams in the relevant areas.

“If a Mayor is elected, with the specific aim of being accountable for local bus services, then at the very least they should be expected to travel by bus to official engagements, and not waste money that councils can ill-afford on extravagant private transport.”

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