18th November - Missing the bus #1

According to a new report from the Local Government Association (LGA), subsidised bus services in England have been cut by over 12% in the past year, with devastating consequences for local communities. While recognising that buses provide an essential public service, the LGA points to “reductions in Government subsidies, changes to the way the English National Concessionary Transport Scheme is funded and deductions of 40% to core council funding” for the cuts to services.

With three times as many journeys made by bus as by train, councils are having to find new and creative ways to meet the transport needs of their communities. Providing services that are socially necessary and ensuring that people are not left without access to employment, education and vital services, however, is a legal requirement and Bus Users is working with councils across the UK to raise this issue (see article Cuts bite deeper).

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22nd May 2019

Bus Users responds to the Transport Committee report on bus services

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Clean Air for Newcastle, Gateshead and North Tyneside

10th April 2019

Passengers to have their say on clean air proposals

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Improving Public Transport in Wales

1st April 2019

Bus Users responds to consultation white paper on public transport in Wales

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