Bus Users UK launches new course for bus managers

Bus Users UK launches new course for bus managers

Bus Users UK has launched a brand new course for bus managers designed to transform their transport strategies by putting passengers at the heart of their business.

Be the manager your passengers need is a unique, three day course run across three months that will help managers to identify and respond to the needs of their communities, turn complainers into champions through positive passenger engagement, recognise the business benefits of building healthy customer relationships, and attract new passengers by putting their current passengers first.

This course will bring together experts both from within the bus and coach industry and from wider business and industry backgrounds, each with a proven record of exceptional customer engagement.

Together with Claire Walters, Chief Executive of Bus Users UK and Dawn Badminton-Capps, Director of Bus Users England, they will demonstrate to bus managers how to change the focus of their business in order to improve strategic impact and engage more effectively with new and existing passengers.

Attendees are likely to be relatively new managers, possibly from other industries, with creative potential and ambition to develop their company’s business. All participants will have the opportunity to network with other, like-minded and progressive managers within the industry, and share experience and best practice in an open and confidential environment.

Claire Walters said: “The aim of this course is to transform the vision and focus of some bus companies, and reinforce and deepen the passenger-driven ethos of others, so we require all attendees to be nominated by their senior managers to ensure their company is fully invested. We also require everyone who attends to present their findings to their senior management team or board at the end of the course, and we’ll be following up to assess the level of impact of their work.”

An additional, one day course is also available to anyone looking to improve their public speaking and presentation skills.

To register a place on Be the manager your passengers need call Bus Uses UK on 0300 111 0001 or email managementcourse@bususers.org

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