Bus Users CEO at Milton Keynes Bus Users Group

Bus Users CEO at Milton Keynes Bus Users Group

Bus Users UK Chief Executive Claire Walters was one of a number of speakers on 30 May at Milton Keynes Bus Users Group’s well-attended discussion about the most important things to improve public transport in the city.

Her journey to the venue, very close to the main library, highlighted issues which needed attention before there were thoughts of ‘high-tech’ solutions to the city’s transport. While the city has an improved train/bus interchange, Claire said ‘It’s quite hard for a visitor to the city to get the information we need to get around once off the train.’

‘The plans to improve the bus network in Milton Keynes in the future are impressive and hi-tech,’ she said, ‘but we need to get the basics right first’.

For many reasons, more people are seeking  alternatives and one of the easiest ways of ensuring more people use buses is to follow the example of most larger modern cities across Europe and make them a ‘favoured mode of transport’, with suitable priorities. ‘

‘If Milton Keynes wants to keep its modern city ideals, it needs to change its attitude to public transport and start getting its inhabitants to use the buses, before it grinds to a halt and the employers give up and move away, and none of us wants that’, she concluded.

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19th August 2014 - Milton Keynes Bus Users Group

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