Newcastle City centre bus ban could have ‘catastrophic’ impact on local area

Newcastle City centre bus ban could have ‘catastrophic’ impact on local area

Councillor Marc Donnelly has joined Bus Users in speaking out against the proposed ban on buses from Newcastle's Blackett Street. Councillor Connelly described the plans as "a ridiculous idea that has been ill thought through", claiming it will affect small business, local markets and the travelling public, particularly elderly and disabled people who rely on buses to give them access to the centre of the City.

Bus Users has also warned the plans could have a catastrophic impact on passengers, local businesses and residents in the area, and will be travelling on the City Centre buses on Friday 12 January to find out what passengers think of the plans.

Blackett Street is currently used by 100 buses an hour with around 8.2million passengers beginning and ending their journeys there. Under the Council’s plans to pedestrianise the road, buses will be forced onto already congested routes outside of the centre and reducing the number of visitors to shops, galleries and restaurants in the heart of the city.

According to Director of Bus Users England, Dawn Badminton-Capps, older people and people with disabilities will be particularly badly hit as they will have farther to walk once the ban is in place: “We want to know what impact these proposals will have on the people who live and work in the area. Anyone who isn't able to speak to us on Friday can contact us by phone or email.”

The group has written to City Councillor, Arlene Ainsley, to raise its concerns and all the feedback it receives will be passed directly onto the Council.

Passengers, residents and local business can contact Bus Users UK on 0300 111 0001 email

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