Dangerous bus stop

We were contacted by one of our members regarding a stop in South Wales that he felt was sited in a dangerous position on the brow of a hill. We met him, looked at the stop and took some photos. There was a layby a few hundred yards back that would have made a perfect bus layby. We contacted the local authority and arranged a site visit for the local authority, operator and Police, who all thought the suggestion a sensible one, and a few months later the stop was moved.

Lost bus pass

A schoolboy in south Wales lost his annual school bus pass. The operator advised that they were unable to replace the pass as the purchaser had not taken up the option of insuring it. We spoke to the company, who changed their position and replaced the pass. 

Stranded passengers

Three passengers were stranded when the last service of the day on a route in North Wales failed to operate. They travelled home by taxi at a cost of £100. The operator apologised and offered a free travel voucher, which did not satisfy the complainant. Following our intervention, the company refunded the £100 taxi fare.