Early bird from Cardiff to Ely

Barclay Davies, Bus Users Cymru, recounts his recent Your Bus Matters event run on the newly introduced N18 Saturday morning bus from Cardiff City Centre to Ely as part of Catch the Bus Week.

“There were quite a few passengers, which surprised me, and the service picked up passengers along the route rather than what I thought was going to happen, that there would be a number of passengers getting on at the City Centre and setting them down along the route.

“Without exception, the passengers we spoke to were pleased with the service. They were split almost equally between people who had been working and those who had been enjoying leisure activities. They told us that if the service didn’t exist they would be forced to get a taxi home which would cost more than the fare of £1.80 single.  One woman told me that, because of the service, she had been able to work some extra late shifts as she was able to get home safely.

“The service felt safe too, and even the few people on board who had been able to stop off for a drink, were well behaved and good humoured.”

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