Car-friendly policies could damage towns and cities

Car-friendly policies could damage towns and cities

Bus Users is concerned that policies to make town centres more car friendly could turn people away.

Bus Users agrees with the assessment by Eric Pickles that the vitality of town centres and local shops needs to be protected. 

However Chief Executive of Bus Users, Claire Walters, argues: “Car-friendly policies alone could make matters worse. We should be promoting excellent public transport and encouraging people to look at alternative ways of getting into town and city centres.

“Increasing car use in these areas will create a less pleasant environment for shoppers and congestion can be just as great a deterrent as parking shortages and pricing.”

One solution lies in the provision of better bus services which can get larger numbers of people into town centres without compromising air quality or clogging traffic. 1.4billion shopping trips are already made by bus each year, creating a retail spend in excess of £20billion.

“Travelling by bus gives people greater flexibility about how long to spend in town, without worrying about the cost of parking or their ticket expiring. It also takes away the hassle of driving and finding somewhere to park. 

“Improving public transport and improving facilities for bus passengers will do more to enhance our town and city centres than helping motorists to find a parking space.”

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