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Bus Users champions the rights of bus and coach users and gives passengers a voice.

We campaign to raise awareness of major, national issues as well as campaigning on specific issues in local areas.

2014 Campaign

Give the bus a chance!

Bus services are the answer to congestion and air pollution in towns and cities: but only if they can offer something as good as, or better than, car journeys.

So many town and city centres are becoming more and more unpleasant as people insist on using cars to get into them. But there is an answer staring us in the face!

Bus services can be made more reliable and quicker than cars if they’re given their own road space and other measures to make sure they’re not all tied up in the same traffic as everybody else.

It’s time to give bus services the freedom to get into town quickly and easily so that people have a real alternative to their cars.

We want to see:

  • Bus lanes along the whole line of bus routes
  • Bus-only roads where practical
  • Traffic lights that give priority to buses at busy junctions
  • Bus-only access to the parts of town where people really want to be
  • Bus stops that are clear of parked cars

That way everyone can enjoy quick, reliable journeys that don’t cost the earth!

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