Making a complaint Join the campaign

What we do

If you have a complaint which the bus company has not resolved to your satisfaction then we’ll try to help. We don’t normally get involved in your complaint until the bus company has had the opportunity to resolve it.
Contact details for individual bus companies can be found on our links page.
If you need help to make an effective complaint to the bus company, either on the telephone or in writing, then please contact us for further advice. 

How we work on your behalf

Once you contact us we will thoroughly review your case and decide if we can pursue your complaint with the bus company, taking into account whether the response you received from the bus company:

•    answered all of the issues that you raised in your complaint
•    was factual and contained accurate information
•    was a personalised reply to your own concerns

We will always do our best to help resolve your complaint or enquiry by:

•    helping you to understand what we can, or cannot, achieve
•    making your expectations clear to the bus operator
•    seeking the best possible outcome on your behalf

Whatever your complaint, we aim to acknowledge its receipt and provide you with a reference number within five working days. 

We always strive to achieve our targets and response times. However, there may be times when we are unable to do so, such as in periods of unexpected high demand for our service, or if there are delay in response from the bus company. We’ll do our best to keep you informed.

If we’re unable to resolve your complaint directly with the bus company, you can request to refer the matter to the Bus Appeals Body.

If you have a complaint about us

We aim to bring all complaints to a satisfactory resolution.  However, there may be times when we are unable to achieve the outcome you want, even though we have handled your complaint in line with our procedures.
If you feel that we have mishandled your complaint or not acted appropriately, please contact us and we will look again at the case to ascertain if there are issues that we need to address for example:
•    if we have been unhelpful or rude,
•    failed to explain things properly or
•    if we have caused unnecessary delay

Your complaint will not be handled by the person who dealt with you initially; it will be passed to the Chief Executive to examine.

We’ll also consider if there is anything further that could be done to progress your appeal that has not already been done.