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Who we can help

Nearly everyone!

Bus Users can follow up complaints to any bus or coach company within the UK, with the exception of journeys taken in London or Northern Ireland. In these instances, please contact:

Bus Users is the nominated body for dealing with complaints under the European Passenger Rights Regulations for journeys in Great Britain (except London local bus services), including journeys to other EU Member States (see section on European regulations). 

What we can help with…

Here are just some of the problems you might encounter that we can help with: 

  • the bus was early and left you behind
  • the bus was so late you missed an appointment 
  • the bus didn’t stop for you
  • the driver was rude
  • you were charged the wrong fare
  • your luggage got lost or damaged
  • the last bus never turned up and you had to get a taxi
  • someone at the bus company gave you the wrong information which led you to miss the bus.

…and what we can’t

Occasionally there are things we won’t be able to help with, like:

  • claims for personal injury or loss that require professional legal advice
  • instances where the police or other legal authority is already involved
  • ‘commercial matters’ where your complaint is about what time or where the bus runs or the price of the fare.

Please note we are here to help bus users and normally we are unable to get involved with disputes involving other road users and bus companies. 

How we work

We aim to send you an acknowledgement within three working days. 
Our Complaint Negotiators will then talk to the bus company (or local authority if they’re involved) on your behalf to negotiate a better outcome for you. If we’re unable to resolve your complaint, you can ask us to refer the matter to the Bus Appeals Body (

Lodging a complaint with Bus Users UK

You can contact us by clicking the 'Contact Us' tab below, email us at or call 0300 111 0001. 

If you prefer to send a letter, please post it to the office of the country in which the problem occurred:

WalesScotland or England (outside London).

Make sure you give us the same details that you gave the bus company, including the name of the town or location, and the company’s response. Feel free to forward emails or letters. Don’t forget to include your name and contact details.

What we do with the information you give us

As well as sorting out individual complaints, we’re always on the lookout for patterns that might indicate a specific problem with a bus company.

In these instances we’ll talk to the bus company and even raise the issue with local authorities and the government, to make sure that other bus users aren’t affected.