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If Bus Users UK is unable to resolve your complaint we can refer the matter to the Bus Appeals Body (BAB).

In practice, more than 95% of cases are resolved without being passed on. 

BAB reviews complaints on bus and scheduled coach services independently. It’s run jointly by Bus Users UK and the trade association for the bus industry, the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT). 

BAB has a passenger representative appointed by Bus Users UK, a bus industry representative appointed by CPT, and an independent chairman. When BAB has reviewed a case it issues a decision in writing. 

Like Bus Users UK, BAB has no statutory powers but all members of CPT are required, under their terms of membership, to abide by BAB decisions. 

In the event of a bus company not abiding by a decision, the matter is referred to the Traffic Commissioner. The Traffic Commissioner grants the bus company its licence to run a bus service and, ultimately, has the power to fine them or even to disqualify them. 

You can find out more about the BAB at or download a copy of the Bus Appeals Body leaflet.