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Bus Users UK is a non-profit organisation which works on behalf of all bus users to ensure that operators meet your needs. Think of us as the voice of passengers.

What passengers should expect:

  • services to be punctual and reliable
  • clear timetable and fare information
  • helpful staff
  • safe and well lit waiting areas
  • all complaints to be dealt with professionally

What buses do for us

Buses are vital. Without them, workers wouldn’t get to work, young people wouldn’t get to school and college, and some of the most vulnerable people in society would become isolated from friends and family.

Every year we make around 5 billion bus and coach journeys - that’s three times more journeys than are made by train. If you’ve ever sat in a traffic jam in rush hour, just imagine how bad it would be if all those bus loads of people took a car instead. 

It’s no exaggeration to say that without buses, many towns and cities would grind to a halt. 
That’s why it’s vital for bus services to meet passenger expectations.

What we can do for you

We want to create better bus services for everyone by encouraging and promoting good practice in the industry. Whether we’re talking with bus operators or government, we always do so from the passengers’ perspective. As well as lobbying on behalf of all bus users, we’re also here to help you more directly:

  • Complaints: If you’ve had a bad experience and the bus operator hasn’t sorted it out, you can turn to us. Make a complaint.
  • Your Bus Matters Events: We run forums throughout the country to give passengers an opportunity to discuss their issues with bus company management and the local authority, face to face. Find out more.
  • Local Groups: If there isn’t already a bus user group in your area we can help you to set one up. You can find out more by emailing us.

Become a member

Our members are our lifeblood. Without them, we couldn’t run as effectively. For a modest annual fee you can help support us. Find out more.

We work on behalf of all bus users, not just our members. Click here to read experiences of people we have helped.